High resolution ultrasound for aesthetic medicine. VINNO’s world leading ultrasound is proudly brought to you with Australian training and support in aesthetic ultrasound from Ultrana Medical. 

VINNO Aesthetic Ultrasound



VINNO’s world first RF platform ensures crystal clear imaging and high doppler sensitivity in every ultrasound unit. For aesthetic imaging, only the best ultrasound machines are suitable. This is because the structures in the face are so small, only machines with high spatial resolution can deliver a reliable image. With VINNO ultrasound, you can be confident of a reliable image every time. 

An Ultrasound Machine for Every Application

Founded in 2010, VINNO offers accessible ultrasound solutions through innovative technologies. From high end cart based radiology systems to entry level handheld systems, VINNO has a system and transducer to suit every conceivable ultrasound application. Talk to one of our friendly experts today to help find the most appropriate VINNO for your needs.

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VINNO is proud to be chosen by some of the best medical aesthetic clinics in Australia. Thanks to VINNO’s wide range of ultrasound units, we have an ultrasound unit to suit every size clinic and every budget. 

For many of our customers, it is their first time purchasing an ultrasound unit. We take great pride in matching the right ultrasound unit to the needs of the customer, and assisting with all the learning that happens along the way. 




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VINNO has developed many world leading technologies including :

– World’s first radio-frequency based platform for unmatched image data processing.

– World’s first shear wave elastography in a portable ultrasound

– Flyinsono remote access software

– Super high frequency Xcen transducers

– AI powered diagnosis and automated measurements

– Aesthetics presets for ease of use 



We are a big fan of the image quality and ease of use of the VINNO V6! The support from Stuart was terrific as well!”

Dr. Andrew Clark

Mira Clinic, Perth

I recently purchased a Vinno 5 following my first vascular occlusion in 10 years. I was very motivated to avoid this situation again but was very worried about my ability to learn its usage in a short time to be useful to me in clinic 

Stuart has gone above and beyond to support my learning and enable me to  feel confident in its usage .

I actually love use it now and my clients are very happy with the extra care delivered to them. Patients often comment it is like a lovely massage prior to treatment!

Sue Willis

Bella Complexion, Sydney

My VINNO V6 machine has helped me visualise and understand some interesting cases in cosmetic injectables medicine – bruises vs intravascular obstruction, delayed onset nodule, paradoxical masseter bulging… I am so excited to be going down this path, it is invaluable.

Dr. Jodie Silleri

Refresh Your Natural Look, Melbourne